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True Mirror is an opportunity for every student at HUS to share their reflections to the community.

Sometimes we find ourselves with thoughts that bother us so much that we tend to write them down because we cannot express them any other way, not everyone listens and understands. When we do write our thoughts down, we don’t care about others, and we write them without the fear of being judged. Writing relieves the pressure that causes you to constantly think about it and sometimes it even provides you with clarity on the importance of your thoughts. It is therapeutic as it’s of personal significance. What if you could create a social impact with your thoughts?

Not everyone writes about how they feel. They find it strange to write down their thoughts and restrict their thoughts to themselves. They lose the tranquillity that they would attain by putting their restless thoughts down on paper. The feeling of loneliness engulfs, but the truth is that you are not actually going through this alone. When you share your thoughts, problems, and experience in True Mirror, you help individuals and create a feeling of heartfelt solidarity because the proximity of these thoughts are very close to our lives. 

True mirror is a place where you can share your thoughts, opinions, perspectives, and experiences. You can send your reflections in the form of an article to any of the given emails below. If you prefer to share your thoughts anonymously, please mention it. 

We hope that this helps create a great impact and helps someone in need.


Kumaraguru, Rahul, and Abinaya
True Mirror Team

Our emails:

Abinaya – abinaya.vina@huschennai.in

Rahul – rahul.vanitha@huschennai.in

Kumaraguru – kumaraguru.s@huschennai.in

A phase.

Bawling my eyes out on the bathroom floor till my cold lips and weak arms are contained and as the door opens I hear voices telling me it’s a phase, just a phase. Everyone has been through it. Well obviously everyone has been a teenager and everyone was going through what I’m going through. OhContinue reading “A phase.”

The Thin Line

The thin line that separates happiness and laughter has almost become obsolete. We have forgotten that laughing is an expression and happiness is a feeling of completeness. You may be laughing but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are happy. I can laugh by going through my instagram feed and finding memes which are funny orContinue reading “The Thin Line”

How amazing!

I wake up every day with a smile on my face. How exciting is online school?! You get to sit at home and learn from your teachers in front of a computer, a machine with an overwhelming capacity to distract and cause harm. I sit in front of this machine for hours. This has beenContinue reading “How amazing!”

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